Connection Properties

Use Encryption

Combine supports SSL encryption for SQL Server DB Instances. Using SSL, you can encrypt connections between Combine and your SQL Server DB Instances.

To use a SQL Server DB Instance over SSL, follow these general steps:
    1. Download the public key for the server where SQL Server DB is installed.
    2. Import the certificate into your Windows operating system. For more information on importing a certificate, see Manage Trusted Root Certificates.
    3. Set "Encrypt" connection setting in Connection Propeties dialog to "True" for that server.

To display the encrypted status of your connection, run the following SQL query:
  SELECT encrypt_option FROM sys.dm_exec_connections WHERE session_id = @@SPID

To use SSL with Amazon servers please read "Using SSL with a SQL Server DB Instance" section on Amazon

If you are using self signed certificates (for example, on a test environment) you may have to turn ON TrustServerCertificate property too. In that case Combine will not validate the SQL Server SSL certificate.
Please note that Combine version 6.2 and below always turn ON this property. But for security reasons Combine 6.3 (and above) does not enable this property by default.

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