Authentication Types

Use Parent Settings for Authentication

In the Container Manager, when you create folders and Containers, you can choose to turn on the "Use parent connection properties" option to inherit the all connection settings of the parent.
For example, say that you configure an Environment (or folder) to use SQL authentication and you give it a SQL login name and password. When you create a Container directly under the Environment node you can instruct the Container to use the SQL authentication settings (and all other connection settings) defined for the Environment by selecting the "Use parent connection settings" check-box. In turn, when executing code against the Container, these connection setting including authentication type and credentials will be used to connect and deploy the code against all databases defined in the Container.

Please note that when the "Use parent connection settings" option is checked then all connection settings are inherited. Exceptions are "Data Source" and "Initial Catalog" for SQL Databases inside Containers which always override any values from the parent container.

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