Change History Repository - Tracking and Auditing Deployments and Changes

Change History Tool - Searching the Repository

The Change History tool offers several features that enable users to search deployment results of previously executed code packages. The two main search methodologies are now described below.

Searching the Change History Repository using built-in conditions

1. When starting the Change History tool, users can instruct Combine to retrieve the top-most X package deployments (where X is some number) or all package deployment results that meet the searched criteria. For example, the image below demonstrates how to retrieve the latest 3 deployment results that meet certain search criteria.

2. In additional user can choose to hide/show package deployment details. Details hiding can significantly speed up searching especially in case of huge deployments.

3. The date-range conditions enable users to only load deployments that started between given dates. For example, if a user searches for deployments between Jan 1st 2007 and Jan 1st 2008, then the Change History tool will only show general package information (in the top grid) for packages that their deployment-start-time is between these dates. Moreover, in the bottom grid that displays the detailed database changes, Combine will only show the database changes that their deployment-start-time is within the given date range.

4. Additional (up to three) search conditions can also be specified to enable more detailed searches. With these features, users can narrow their searches to only return package or detailed database changes information that meet the specified conditions. Explicitly, users can instruct Combine to only return information about packages that were deployment on a certain Environment or that contain a certain Environment Variable. On top, users can choose to only load detailed DB change info that meets certain conditions, such as scripts that contain a given SQL string, scripts that were executed by a given user name, change info that pertains to specific databases or servers, and so on.

Figure 102.0a11:  An example of searching the Change History repository.

Searching the Change History Repository using grid filters

The Change History tool also supports a second useful technique to search the deployment records. This technique is especially useful to search the detailed database changes. To use it, please follow the instructions below:

1. Load all the Change History data for the deployments you wish to search. For example, to search details of the last 3 deployments, load all last 3 package deployments and do not specify any of the Where conditions.

2. After the complete set of data is displayed in the Change History grids, select the Filter button in the grid (see image below) and set column filters in the grid to search for specific entries. Searched columns and search conditions can be specified either at the top grid (General Package Info), the bottom grid (Detailed DB Change Info), or both.

Tip: If you use the Filter functionality in the grids and later wish to remove all filters, simply click the Reset Layout button.

Figure 102.0a12:  Searching the Change History records using grid filters.

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