Change History Repository - Tracking and Auditing Deployments and Changes

Opening a Package Results (Cre) File from the Repository

When using a Change History Repository, users can retrieve the Package Results (Cre) file that was generated in response to the execution of a code package. To open a Cre file from the repository, start the Change History tool from the main menu by selecting Tools → Change History. In this tool, enter the search conditions and click the Play button to show the general package info. Next, right-click the deployment row in the top (General Package Info) grid and select the option Open Results to open the Cre file for the deployed package in the editor. Alternatively, you can also select the Save Results As option from the right-click menu to the save the cre file, and then open the file in Combine by going to Open → Open File.

Figure 102.0a9:  Opening the cre file for a deployed package from the Change History tool.

Note: Users can only retrieve the content of code packages from the repository if they have read permissions in the repository database.

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