Change History Repository - Tracking and Auditing Deployments and Changes

Populating the Change History Repository from a Cre File

If you deploy a code package with Combine 3.0 or later, and save the Package Results (Cre) file, you can populate the Change History Repository directly from the cre file. This feature is extremely useful in two key scenarios:

1. If you deploy a code package and did not automatically write the deployment results to the Change History Repository, however now you wish to populate the repository with the deployment info and the cre file for that deployment is available.

2. If Combine is configured to only store general package info in the Change History Repository (i.e., only the general package info was stored in the repository for some previously deployed packages) and you now wish to also populate the detailed database changes in the repository.

In order to load the information from a cre file to the Change History Repository, you must first open the cre file in the editor. Then, hit the Save to Change History button on the top left hand side of the cre (see image). Next, Combine will prompt you and ask whether you wish to save the detailed DB change info. If you select No, then only the general package info will be written to the repository. However, if you select Yes then both the general package info and the detailed database change info will be written to the repository. Note that if the repository already contains the general package info (but not the detailed DB changes) for this deployment, then you can still select Yes in order to populate the detailed database change info. If the repository already contains both the general and detailed execution results, then Combine will not re-populate the repository and will notify you of this fact. To learn more about the differences between general package info vs. detailed DB changes, please refer to the Change History Overview section.

Figure 102.0a10:  Saving the content of a Cre file to the Change History Repository.

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