Change History Repository - Tracking and Auditing Deployments and Changes

Recovering Detailed DB Change Info from General Package Info

Users that utilize a Change History Repository to store the execution results of code packages can configure Combine to only store general package and deployment information in the repository database. Alternatively, users can configure the application to store general info as well as details regarding all database changes. In addition, users can choose to store general info for some package deployments and detailed DB changes for other package executions (for additional information regarding the content of the repository, please refer to the Change History Overview section).

Assume that for some deployments, Combine stored the general package information in the Change History Repository and that a user now wishes to also populate the detailed database changes. This functionality is supported in Combine and can be achieved as follows:

1. Open the Change History tool from the main menu by selecting Tools → Change History.

2. Enter the search criteria for the package deployment and click the Play button to retrieve the deployment information in the General Package Details (top) grid.

3. In the top grid, right-click the row that contains the deployment information and select Open Results from the context menu.

4. A new window that displays the package results is now opened in the editor. In this window, refer to the top left hand side and click the option Save to Change History (see the section titled Populating the Change History Repository from a Cre File for more information).

5. When prompted, click Yes to instruct Combine to populate the detailed database changes section in the repository.

6. Close the editor window that contains the (cre) package results.

After performing steps 1-6 you can go back to the Change History tool and reload the data for the previously searched deployment, and then view the detailed database changes in the bottom grid.

Note: In order to perform the operations discussed above, a user must have sufficient permissions to read from and write to the Change History Repository.

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