Change History Repository - Tracking and Auditing Deployments and Changes

Updating the Change History Repository

Combine enables users to maintain a Change History database that records all details and actions in response to the deployment of code packages (see the Overview section for detailed information regarding the Change History Repository). To update the repository database, please follow the instructions below:

1. Locate the SQL script that updates the repository. It is called "Update Change History Repository.sql" and can be found at the download section on JNetDirect's website and are also available under the Combine installation directory (for example, under the folder: C:\Program Files\JNetDirect\Combine\Repository\CombineChangeHistory\).

2. Update the repository database on a SQL Server. To do it log on to the SQL server and to the Master database as an administrator (either as the sa user or as a domain administrator). Run the script "Update Change History Repository.sql"

The executed SQL script updates the database CombineChangeHistory and its schema (i.e., tables and stored procedures) to be compatible with the latest Combine version. The script can be run on a repository database of any Combine version since 4.0. It also correctly handles the case when it is run multiple times on the same database.

Note: By default, the name of the Change History Repository database is CombineChangeHistory. You can change this name (if you are using another database) by opening and editing the SQL script that updates the repository DB.

Note: Additional information regarding change history repository settings and configuration options is available in the Configuring Client Machines section.

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