Code Snippets

Adding a New Code Snippet to the User Interface

After you create a new code snippet, in order to use it, the new snippet file must be loaded into Combine. To do so, you can either load the individual file to the collection of Combine snippets (as described below), or add the folder that includes the new file as a new snippets folder. To add the new individual file, find an existing Combine snippets folder where the new file will be placed: Locate and select the folder in the Code Snippets window, and then get the physical path of the folder from the Properties window, as illustrated in the first figure below. Then, copy the new file into that physical path, select the main "My Snippets" node in the Code Snippets window, right-click to bring up the context menu, and select the Refresh option (see image below). The new snippet file will now be loaded into the application.

Figure X127A:  Selecting the folder and path where the new snippet will be placed.

Figure 127B:  Loading the new snippet file by selecting Refresh under the "My Snippets" node.

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