Code Snippets

Adding a New Code Snippets Folder

Adding a new code snippets folder allows you to upload a folder, all its subfolders, and all code snippet files in them to the user interface. These folders can reside on the local machine, or on shared network drives. When a folder is added, Combine will automatically identify the .snippet files and their path in the added folder, and will display them in the Code Snippets window according to the folder and subfolder(s) hierarchy.

To demonstrate the addition of a new folder, please refer to the example below: The folder named "Sample Snippets Folder" contains two code snippets and a subfolder named "Snippet Subfolder" that also has two snippet files. To add the folder "Sample Snippets Folder" (and the subfolder and all code snippets), go to the Code Snippets window, right-click the "My Snippets" node in the snippets tree, and select Add Snippet Folder. Then, in the dialog titled Browse for Folder, select "Sample Snippets Folder" and press OK. The folder, subfolder, and all code snippets will be loaded to the Code Snippets window, as illustrated in the figure below.

Note: The name of root folders in the Code Snippets tree must be unique. It is therefore not allowed to add two folders with the same name.

Figure 127C:  The folder structure and files under the folder named Sample Snippets Folder.

Figure 127D:  Steps to add the Sample Snippets Folder to the Code Snippets window.

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