Container Manager

Add Databases Wizard

The Add Databases Wizard is useful for adding one or more databases to an existing Static Container. Before starting the wizard, make sure that the servers that contain the databases you wish to add are registered as Combine Servers in the Object Browser. After you start the Add Databases Wizard, the first page after the welcome page will ask you how to select the database to be added. Two options are available as described in the figure below. To explain the Add Databases Wizard, both options will now be presented.

Adding databases from servers in the Object Browser. The Select Databases option allows you to add databases from either Combine Servers or Registered Servers in the Object Browser. To use this method, click the Select Databases option as shown in the figure below and press Next.

Figure 52:  Choosing the method to add databases to the Static Container.

A new wizard window shown in the next figure will appear, and it allows you to choose the Container databases. In this example two databases named Web1Dev and Web2Dev on the servers DevSvr1 and DevSvr2 will be added to the Static Container.

Figure 53:  Selecting the databases to add to the Static Container.

Each database can only be defined in the Container once. If you are adding databases that already exist in the Container then you will be prompted with a warning message. After selecting the databases press the Next button to finalize the changes to the Static Container, and press Finish in the last wizard window.

Adding databases from other Static Containers. The second method of adding databases to the Static Container is by selecting databases that already belong to other Static Containers. In this example, assume that a Static Container named All User Databases was previously created and holds all user databases on the DevSvr1 and DevSvr2 SQL servers. The All User Databases will be used to add the desired databases. In order to copy databases from other Containers, select the option "Copy databases from another Static Container" as displayed in the following figure.

Figure 54:  Adding target databases from other Static Containers.

After hitting the Next button, the window presented below will let you select the databases from other Static Containers. In this example, the two Web databases are selected.

Figure 55:  Selecting databases from another Static Container.

When done, press the Next button and then Finish in the last wizard window.

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