Container Manager

Copy-Paste an Environment

You can copy and paste an existing Environment to create a new Environment. Once an Environment is copied it can only be pasted under the root node in the Container Manager tree display. When an Environment is copied, the folders, Containers, target databases and all other configuration settings under the Environment are copied over to the new Environment. Choose one of the following options to copy-paste an Environment:

  • Right-click the Environment you wish to copy and press Copy in the menu. Then left-click the root node in the Container Manager to select it. Right-click again and select Paste in the menu.

  • Use CTRL+C and CTRL+V to copy and paste the Environment.

  • Hold the CTRL button. Using the mouse, drag and drop the Environment under the root node of the Container Manager.

  • Press the Copy icon in the main toolbar, select the root node, and then press the Paste toolbar icon.

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