Container Manager

Creating Static Containers

In the Container Manager, new Static Containers can be created by using the Static Container Wizard or by copy-pasting an existing Container into an Environment or under a folder. Before creating a Static Container, be sure that all the servers that contain the databases that you wish to assign to the Static Container are registered as Combine Servers in the Object Browser.

In the Static Container Wizard you will be asked to provide the name, description, authentication type and target databases for the Static Container. When deploying scripts and queries against the Container, the authentication type and credentials will be used to connect and deploy code on all the databases in the Container. Please select one of the options below to open the wizard:

  • Right-click the Environment (or folder) under which the Container will reside. Then, select Add and choose Add Static Container.


    Figure 26:  Creating a new Static Container from the Container Manager directly under an Environment or under a folder.

    • Left-click the Environment (or folder) that will hold the Container and on the main menu go to Container and then Add Static Container.

      Figure 27:  Creating a new Static Container from the main menu.

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