Container Manager

Editing Containers Using the Properties Window

In order to change the name, description, or authentication type and credentials for either a Static or Dynamic Container, all you need to do is refer to the Properties window. To view the Properties window you can either press F4, or right-click the desired Container icon and choose Properties in the menu, or click the Properties icon . Once the Properties window appears you can change the settings displayed below.

Figure 50:  Properties of the Static and Dynamic Containers.

User is able to modify either credentials to log into the server or even the entire connection string. The credentials settings can be expanded from the Connection properties section:
If "Integrated Security" is set to "False" but credentials aren't provided, you will be prompted to enter the authentication type and credentials to connect to databases and servers defined in your Containers at run-time, before code is deployed against all Container databases. Upon executing scripts and queries against a Container (and thus against all databases defined in the Container), you will be asked to select either SQL Authentication or Windows Authentication. If you use SQL Authentication then you must also provide the login name and password to connect to all databases and servers.

You also enforce Combine to ask for credentials for a Container by setting "Prompt for credentials" flag to "True".

Please note that when the "Use parent connection settings" option is checked then all connection settings are inherited. Exceptions are "Data Source" and "Initial Catalog" for SQL Databases inside Containers which always override any values from the parent container.

The effective connection string which will be used during run-time is displayed in "Resolved Connection String".

A button at the end of Connection properties string (marked with red arrow) brings a Connection Propeties dialog which allows to modify all properties available for Microsoft SQL Servers.

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