Container Manager

Folder Wizard

The first page in the wizard is the Welcome page. If you do not wish to view the welcome page from now on then check the “Do not show welcome page next time” checkbox and press next.

Figure 23:  The welcome page of the folder wizard.

In the next page of the wizard you will be asked to enter the name, description, and authentication type for the folder. The name will be displayed next to the folder under its parent Environment or parent folder. The description is optional and lets you enter comments for the folder. The authentication type will be the default authentication type for the Containers placed under the folder and their target databases. You can later specify the authentication type and credentials for each Container that will override the folder settings.

The authentication type can be set to one of SQL Authentication, Windows Authentication, or Prompt which is also the default. When Use parent connection properties checkbox is checked all connection properties are inherited from a parent node. The parent node can be either an upper folder or an Environment. Also you are able to modify all SQL server connection options using Advanced button.

Note that when either Windows authentication or Prompt is selected, Combine will not store your user name and password anywhere.

When you are done entering the needed information press Next. In the last wizard page, press Finish to create the folder.

Figure 24:  Entering the name, description, and authentication type for the folder.

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