Container Manager

Reference in the Dynamic Container

The Reference is a Static Container used by Dynamic Containers to store the location of a data repository. With Dynamic Containers, the set of target databases on which code and queries are executed is determined in execution time right before the deployment. To determine the target databases, Combine runs the Dynamic Container user-provided query against the Static Container defined in the Reference, to return the database and server names of all target databases. For more information about Dynamic Containers please refer to the section Static vs. Dynamic Containers.

Once a Dynamic Container has been created you can view the properties of the Reference Static Container by selecting the Reference icon and pressing F4. In the Properties window you can also select a different Static Container that will be used as the Reference. You can also choose to use another Static Container as the Reference by right-clicking the Dynamic Container icon and selecting the Wizard option. To learn more about creating Dynamic Containers please refer to the Dynamic Container Wizard.

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