Containers and Environments

Best Practices - Sharing Environments and Containers by using a Combine Repository

Environments and Containers configuration under the MyEnvironments node in the Container Manager are stored on the local user machine. This includes Environment names, Container names, databases in Static Containers, as well as the Reference (Repository) Static Container and the Queries used by Dynamic Containers.

If you wish to pass other users your Container configuration, you must Export you Environment and Container settings, and then ask other users to Import them. However, in order to overcome this overhead and easily share Environment and Container configuration, you can install a Combine Repository database that holds the settings of Environments and Containers, and then have multiple users point to the Combine Repository to share those settings and definitions.

A detailed user-manual that explains the Combine Repository database is available at the download section on JNetDirect' website. Instructions for installing and using a repository are also available in this document in the section titled Combine Repository - Sharing Environments and Containers.

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