Customizing the Graphical User-Interface

Docking Windows

The term Dock reflects the frame in which the window is placed. The main editor portion where SQL code can be entered is not considered a Dock. Docking refers to the action of placing a window in a dock. Undocking means that a docked window will be moved to the main editor portion.

If you wish to undock a window, right-click the main toolbar of the and uncheck the Dockable checkmark.

Once is window is undocked, it will be placed in the main editor portion, as demonstrated in this figure.

Figure 130:  Undocking the Object Browser window.

Windows can be docked and returned to their original location by right-clicking the undocked window tab and selecting the Dockable menu option. You can also place an undocked window in another dock by moving and placing the window in another location.

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