Customizing the Graphical User-Interface

Moving and Placing Windows

Windows can be moved throughout the interface and docked in different places. To move a window from its current location, drag the main window toolbar. Combine will then provide you with automated placement controls that will help you to place the window. For example, when you move the Properties window to the center of the interface you will receive the control images as in the figure below.

Figure 133:  Automated placement controls for moving windows.

To use the automated controls, move the mouse over one of the arrowed icons, while still dragging the window toolbar. You will then be prompted with a blue background that reflects the new location of the form.

Figure 134:  The new suggested location for the moved form.

If you are satisfied with this location then drop the form; otherwise you can keep dragging it until you find the desired location. Following the example above, when dropping the Properties window in the location suggested in the last figure will yield the following display.

Figure 135:  The Combine interface after moving the Properties window.

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