Editor Window Features and Functionality

Connecting to a Database to Write SQL Code

You can press the Connect icon to login and connect to a database or select File → New → New Connection from the main menu. When this button is clicked you will be prompted with the connection dialog. The servers listed in the connection dialog are the Combine servers in the Object Browser. Once you complete the dialog, a new script editor window will appear. This script window is now connected to the database and you can run scripts, queries, or any SQL and T-SQL code and execute it against the database. The connection to the database is persistent. In other words, if you wish to disconnect from the database you either have to press the disconnect icon , or simply close the script window. You can also change the connection to log to another database while maintaining the same window. To do so you must click the Change Connection icon . You will then be prompted to enter the authentication type and credentials for the new database and server.

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