Editor Window Features and Functionality


Outlining allows you to build paragraphs inside your SQL code. Each paragraph starts and ends with an outline. You can hide paragraphs and all SQL statements within each paragraph by collapsing the outlines. You can also view hidden paragraphs by expanding the outlines. Paragraphs can also be nested, as demonstrated in the image below.

Figure 120:  An example of using and collapsing outlines.

Note that once an outlined paragraph is collapsed, you can still view the content of the paragraph by using the mouse and hovering over the collapsed region.

Figure 121:  Viewing the content of a collapsed paragraph by hovering over it.

In order to start an outlined paragraph you must type the syntax
-- Region ParagraphName

To end the outlined paragraph use the syntax
-- End Region

If outlined paragraphs are defined inside stored procedures, functions, or triggers, the " -- Region ParagraphName" and "-- End Region" comment lines will be part of the body of the store procedure. Others using Combine can script the stored procedure from the server and will be able to use the built-in outlined paragraphs. If you do not wish to include the outlining comment lines inside your stored procedures, an additional outlining-equivalent technique is available as well. In order to use this alternative technique, first stop the automatic outlining by selecting Edit → Outlining → Stop Outlining from the main menu, and observe that the entries in the Edit → Outlining option menu have changed. Next, select one or more lines of code that you wish to turn into a collapsible paragraph in the editor and choose Edit → Outlining → Hide Selection from the main menu. Using this outlining method does not add any comment lines to the body of stored procedures, functions, or any other SQL code script.

Figure 122:  Using an outlining technique that does not add comment lines in the code.

The editor provides a rich set of features that let you collapse on or more paragraphs, expand paragraphs, and enable or disable the outlining feature. Please refer to the Edit → Outlining option in the main menu to view all outlining related features.

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