Environment & System Variables - Embedding Parameters in SQL Code

Changing the Value of Environment Variables in the Container Manager

The value of Environment Variables can be updated in the Container Manager, or immediately before code that contains variables is executed in run-time: Changes made in the Container Manager are saved in the Properties of each Environment, whereas changes made before execution are not saved and are only used for execution (see Changing the Value of Variables in Run-Time to learn more about updating values before execution).

To change the value of Environment Variables in the Container Manager, choose one of the following options as illustrated in Fig. 102.5 below:
1. In the Container Manager, select your environment and choose Edit Environment Variables in the right-click menu.
2. Select your environment in the Container Manager and press F4 to view the Properties window. In the Properties window, expand the Variables node and click Browse.

Figure 102.5:  Starting the Edit Environment Variables dialog.

In the Edit Environment Variables dialog, either double-click a variable you wish to change, or right-click it and select the Modify option from the context menu.

Figure 102.6:  Updating a variable value.

Then, under Add/Update Variable, type the new value and press the Update button. When done, press OK to complete the dialog.

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