Environment & System Variables - Embedding Parameters in SQL Code

System Variables

System Variables allow you to embed a set of fixed (i.e., non-user defined) parameters and values in SQL scripts and code. System Variables can be embedded in SQL scripts that are part of a code package, or in individual (i.e., non-package scripts) that are executed directly from the editor, either against a single database through a connected window or against a Container.

There are several options which controls System Variables processing:

Figure 102.17:  List of variable related options.

Enable System Variables
Enables/disables System Variables handling. If it is disbaled then System Variables aren't processed at all. It may be helpful for the case when System Variables aren't used but scripts contain strings which can be mistakenly treated as System Variables.

Prompt for invalid System Variables
This setting controls how Combine will behave in case if it find some invalid System Variable names. If it is set to "Prompt On Error" then Combine brings a dialog with list of invalid System Variables and let user to decide what to do -- continue package execution or cancel. Two other possible values say Combine to proceed with invalid System Variables the corresponding way without user interaction.

Note: Invalid System Variables are ones that are not supported by the application (please see the full list of available System Vvariables). If you embed invalid System Variables in your code (for example, <%MyVar%>), then Combine will behave according to "Prompt for invalid System Variables" setting described above. This is the case when executing packages from the application or when executing scripts in the editor. CpaExec command line utility has an option to ignore invalid system variables.

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