Export and Import Environment Configuration

Exporting Environments

Environment configuration and settings can be exported and then imported again into Combine. When an Environment is exported, all the settings of all Static and Dynamic Containers in the Environment are exported as well, including the target databases of the Static Containers, the Reference and Query under all Dynamic Containers, and their associated authentication types and credentials.

To export your Environments click any item in the Container Manager and select Container → Export from the main menu. The first welcome page of the Export Environment Wizard will then be displayed. If you do not wish to see the welcome page in the future then check the "Do not show welcome page next time" checkbox and press the Next button.

Figure 58:  The welcome page of the Export Environment Wizard.

In the next window you will be asked to select the Environments to be exported.

Figure 59:  Selecting the Environments to export.

Next you must choose the output file name. The output file name will have the extension "environment". You may also instruct Combine to encrypt the export file by using the password protection option. If you do not use password protection then SQL user names previously entered in the Container settings will be stored in clear text and could be visible to others. SQL passwords will never be displayed in clear text and will always be encrypted. When encryption and password protection is used, you must also provide a password.

Figure 60:  Choosing the output file name and password.

Press Next to get to the last page of the wizard. Then press the Finish button to complete the export process. Once the file has been exported you can view it. Do not edit it. If you edit the file then it will not be imported successfully later. Finally, you can either place the file on a network drive or send the file to other users, so that the Environments and all their settings could be imported to other client machines.

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