Object Browser

Combine Servers, Registered Servers and Network Servers

Database servers presented in the Object Browser are divided into three different groups: Combine Servers, Detected Network Servers, and Registered Servers, as demonstrated in the figure below. Registered Servers contain all SQL servers that were previously registered in Server Management Studio on the client machine and Detected Network Servers are all SQL servers on your network that were automatically detected by Combine. Note that SQL server machines that are behind a firewall may not be detected automatically since the standard SQL server auto-detection requires port 1434 to be open for UDP traffic from Combine to the servers. When expanding a network server for the first time the server icon will be grey since Combine has not yet established a connection to the server. Combine will attempt to connect to the server using Windows Authentication. If Windows Authentication does not work then the user will be prompted to enter the authentication type and credentials to use in order to communicate with the server. Once the connection is successful, the server icons will no longer be grey.

Combine Servers are the servers that you register inside Combine. You can register a server by pressing the New Server button and filling up all the required information (see Registering Combine Server for details). Combine Servers are used throughout the application to select and add databases for Static Containers in several dialogs and wizards. It is therefore recommended to register all servers that you plan to use with Containers, in order to later deploy code against those server databases.

Figure 137:  The top-level view of the Object Browser.

Additional buttons in the Object Browser allow you to:

View the properties of an item selected in the Object Browser. The object properties will appear in a separate properties windows.

Refresh the list of servers. When this button is pressed for an item, the child nodes under the item will be collapsed, and Combine will refresh the settings for the child nodes.

Register new Combine servers.

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