Object Browser

Registering Combine Servers

To register one or more Combine Servers, press the button in the Object Browser to start the dialog shown below. Another way to bring up this dialog is by right-clicking the Combine Servers icon and selecting the option New Server.

Figure 140:  The Combine servers registration dialog.

On the left side of the dialog there is a list of servers which were automatically detected on the network by Combine. You can either select one or more of those servers, or alternatively enter the server name and press the right-arrows button. If you need to specify a server port, you can enter it after the server name separating by comma. You should then enter the authentication type that will be used to register all the selected servers. The authentication type can be set to one of SQL Authentication, or Windows Authentication, and Login name and password will be required if you are registering the servers using SQL Authentication. These credentials will be stored using strong encryption techniques to prevent others from viewing your credentials.
Also you are able to modify all SQL server connection options using Advanced button.

When done, press the OK button. Combine will not try to connect to the registered servers. If you wish to test the connectivity to the server(s), press the Test Connection button, and Combine will attempt to connect to all the servers listed on the right-hand side of the dialog.

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