Object Browser

Server Groups for Combine Servers

Server groups are provided to help you organize your Combine servers in any way that you see fit. Using the Object Browser, you can create groups and sub-groups of SQL servers by placing them under a folder, or dragging server nodes and dropping them under different folders. To create a new folder, right-click the Object Browser tree node under which the new folder will reside, and select New Folder. Such nodes can be either the Combine Servers root node, or an existing folder.

Figure 138:  Creating a new Combine server group by creating a new folder.

Once you press the New Folder menu option, the New Folder dialog will show up and ask you to enter the folder name. When done, press the OK button to complete the folder creation. You can then drag server nodes and drop them on the new folder icon to move previously registered servers.

Figure 139:  Add folder dialog.

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