Object Browser

Services in the Object Browser

The Object Browser allows users to view the status of several SQL server services. The status of the SQL Server service is marked in the server icon as illustrated in the image below. The status of other services, such as the SQL Server Agent and the Full Text Search are available after the SQL Server node is expanded in the Object Browser, and can be found under the Management folder. Using the Object Browser users can stop, start or pause services on one or more SQL Server instances in parallel, by selecting the servers and then right-clicking and choosing the appropriate commands.

If users do not have sufficient permissions to access the remote machines, then Combine will not display the status of the SQL services. Similarly, when attempting to start or stop services, Combine will display the errors associated with insufficient permissions. Such cases can arise in workgroups when users are not defined on remote machines, in domains where users have less than Power User privileges, when older operating systems that are known to have network or permission related issues are used on remote machines (e.g., Windows 2000 RTM), and so on.

Figure 140d:  Viewing the status of SQL services in the Object Browser.

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