Object Browser

Starting SQL Services on One or More Servers

The Object Browser allows users to stop, start, or pause SQL services on one or more SQL Servers in parallel. To start SQL services, select the servers you wish to start under Combine Servers, right-click and select Start and then choose the service. When starting dependent services such as the Full Text Search or the SQL Agent, if the SQL Server service is not running then Combine will start it before starting the requested service.

Figure 140e:  Starting services on one or multiple SQL Servers in parallel.

After selecting the service to start, Combine will prompt you with several dialogs that are required to collect information from the remote servers (such as the current service status, dependency information and permission verification). These dialogs are self-explanatory and allow you to view the services and the results from all servers.


1. Combine checks access to services on selected machines and disable start controls if has no access.

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