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Adding a Script to a Package

Adding a Script to a Package

Scripts can be added to a package in several ways. To create a new script, choose a node in the package tree (the root node of the package or a folder) under which the new script will be placed, and then right-click and select Add SQL Script → New from the menu as demonstrated below. You can also add a new script by selecting the appropriate parent node and then clicking the Add SQL Script toolbar icon .

Figure 80:  Adding a new script to a package.

Scripts can also be added to the package by importing them from the file system. Using the Import Dialog, multiple scripts and folders will be automatically loaded into the package.

Once a new script is placed in the package you can view and edit its SQL code in the main editor window by right-clicking the script and selecting the Open menu option (see the section titled Editing SQL Code of Package Scripts for more information).

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