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Adding Files to a Package from Source Control

Adding Files to a Package from Source Control

Files can be added to a package directly from a source control system. First, you must check in the package into the source control system. Then, files that reside under source control projects that are mapped to the package folder or its subfolders can be added directly from source control. To do so, right-click the package and select Add SQL Script → From Source Control, as demonstrated in the image below.

Figure 80b:  Adding files to a package from source control.

Next, you will be prompted with the dialog Add SQL Script from Source Control dialog. Here, click the Browse button (i.e., "...") and select the source control project. The workspace or workarea for the selected folder must either be the package folder or its subfolder (or sub-subfolder, and so on). After selecting the project from source control, select the files you wish to add to the package and press OK to close the dialog. In turn, JNetDirect Combine will get the latest version of the selected files to the local folder and then add the files to the package.

Note: Some source control providers allow you to specify the local folder for the project while selecting the project. Make sure that the local folder is the package folder or one that resides under the package folder.

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