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AutoNumber Package Property

AutoNumber Package Property

The AutoNumber appended to scripts and folders inside a code package is only used for visualization purposes. For example, when working with Unwrapped Packages the SQL scripts are stored on the file system without the automatically pre-pended number.

The AutoNumberItems package Property can be viewed in the Properties window by selecting the package icon in the Package Explorer and pressing F4. When this property is set to True then scripts loaded into the code package will automatically be assigned sequence numbers in the package, to ease the readability of the package. If this property is set to False then the numbers will not be assigned. Below is an example of a package when the AutoNumberItems is set to True and then False. When saving package scripts, you can choose whether to save the number assigned by Combine as part of the script name or to omit the number from script name and only display the number in the user-interface of Combine.

Figure 79:  A code package with auto numbering (left) and without auto numbering (right).

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