Package Explorer
Copy-Paste Package Items

Copy-Paste Package Items

Scripts and folders can be copied and then pasted to place them under different nodes in the package. When copying a script, all properties of the script (including the Container assigned to the script) will be copied as well. Copy-pasting folders will include all the underlying folder scripts and all properties associated with the scripts and the folder.

Choose one of the following options below to copy-paste folders or scripts:

  • Right-click the script or folder you wish to copy and press Copy in the menu. Then, left-click the desired node in the Package Explorer under which the copied item will be placed. Right-click the selected node and choose Paste from the menu.
  • Use CTRL+C and CTRL+V to copy the objects and place them under a selected node.
  • Hold the CTRL button. Using the mouse, drag and drop the object to the new target location in the Package Explorer.
  • Press the Copy icon in the main toolbar, select the target node for the copied objects and then press the Paste toolbar icon.

After changes have been made to the package, the package icon will be marked with an asterisk (*) to denote the change. Package changes will take effect only after pressing CTRL+S to save the package.

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