Package Explorer
Creating Packages

Creating Packages

You can create a new code package using one of the following ways:

  • Click the New Package icon in the toolbar .
  • Select File → New → Package from the main menu.
  • Press CRTL+SHIFT+N.

When creating a new package you will be asked to select a file name for the package, as well as the folder in which it will be placed. The new file name will have the extension cpa (for code package). Once the package is created, the Package Explorer will display the root node of the package, which will have the properties displayed in the figure below. To view the Properties window you can press the F4 button or right-click the package icon and choose Properties from the menu.

Figure 78:  The Package Explorer and Properties Window view for a new package.

Keep in mind that every script in the package must be associated with a Container to allow Combine to determine the set of target databases for script deployment. Containers can also be set for the root node of the package, which will later allow scripts to inherit the Container from the root node, instead of associating each script with a Container manually. For more information about associating Containers with package scripts and package configuration, please refer to the section titled Configuring Code Packages.

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