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Exporting Scripts from a Package

Exporting Scripts from a Package

Once a package is composed, you can export the files and folders in the package to the file system or to a shared network drive by right-clicking the package icon and selecting the Export Package option from the menu. When files and folders are exported you will be asked to specify the drive and folder in which all files and folders will be saved. If your package contains folders then those folders will be created in the same hierarchical order as in the package and all package scripts that reside under each folder will be placed under the exported folders. If any files in the file system have the same names as the exported files then those files will be overwritten unless they are marked as read only.

The first step required to export the package content is to start the Export Dialog as demonstrated in the image below.

Figure 87:  Starting the Export Dialog to export files and folders.

Next, the Export Dialog will appear and ask you whether to include the Auto-Numbers appended to the scripts by Combine. Checking this option will save the script and folder numbers as part of their names.

Figure 88:  The Export Package dialog.

Finally, select the target drive and folder and press the OK button to export the content of the package. The result of exporting the package demonstrated in the figure above is presented below.

Figure 89:  Exploring the exported package folders and scripts.

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