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Execution Plans - Displaying Actual or Estimated Plans

Execution Plans - Displaying Actual or Estimated Plans

Combine allows you to retrieve the estimated execution plan for a given script. In addition, you can also view the execution plan used by the server after a script has been run. Execution plans can be viewed as a flow diagram, as grids, or in text format. Once a script is available in the editor window you can view the estimated execution plan from the main menu by selecting Query → Display Estimated Execution Plan, or by pressing the CTRL+L shortcut. Then, the estimated execution plan will be displayed in the results window, as demonstrated in the figure below.

Figure 115:  Displaying an estimated execution plan.

Execution plan actions with cost between 50% and 100% are displayed with a red frame. Yellow frames are used to denote action cost between 25% and 50%. Furthermore, you can hover over each action in the execution plan to view all the details regarding each task. These features also apply when viewing the actual (i.e., not estimated) execution plans. If you wish to view the actual execution plan when running a script or queries, you may do so by select Query → Include Actual Execution Plan from the main menu, or you may press the shortcut keys CTRL+L instead. The actual execution plan will be displayed once the results are returned from the server. Execution plans can also be produced when running a single script against multiple databases, in which case multiple execution plans will be displayed.

You can display execution plans in a grid or text format as well. Press the View as Grid icon to show the execution plan in a grid, as demonstrated in the image below.

Figure 116:  Viewing the execution plan in a grid format.

To view the execution plan as text press the View as Text icon . This option is illustrated in the image below. If you wish to go back to the diagram-view of the execution plan then you should press the View as Diagram icon .

Figure 117:  Displaying the execution plan in text format.

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