Results Window

Exporting Grid Results

Results displayed in a grid can be exported to a database table, a xls excel file, a csv file, or an xml file. Press the Export To icon to view these options in Combine. While exporting the content of the grid to a file is simple and self-explanatory, the process of exporting the grid results to a database table is explained below.

After selecting the Export to Table option, the following dialog will appear and will ask you for the database and server name in which the table should be created. You can either select a server from drop-down list, or alternatively enter a server name manually. If you need to specify a server port, you can enter it after the server name separating by comma. You should then enter the authentication type that will be used to register all the selected servers. Available authentication types are Windows Authentication and SQL Authentication, and Login name and password will be required if you are registering the servers using SQL Authentication. These credentials will be stored using strong encryption techniques to prevent others from viewing your credentials.
Also you are able to modify all SQL server connection options using Advanced button.

In this dialog you must also enter the table name. If a table with the same name already exists on the target database then you can direct Combine to drop the existing database table so that a new table with the grid results will be created instead.

Figure 114:  The Export to Table dialog.

Press the Next button when you are done. The requested table will the be created on the target database.

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