Results Window

Fixed Column Indicators (Pinning Columns in the Grid)

You can pin one or more columns in the grid to fix their position while browsing other columns in the result set. To use this feature, first enable the column pinning by pressing the Fixed Column Indicators icon . A pin icon will then appear in all column headers. When the column header pin is displayed horizontally then the column is not yet pinned. You can pin a column by pressing the pin icon on the column header. Pinned columns will then be moved automatically to the left of the grid display and you can use the scroll bar to navigate and view the entire grid content while maintaining the position of the pinned columns. For example, consider the grid display in the image below.

Figure 110:  The initial grid display (before pinning).

Invoking the pinning feature by clicking the icon and pinning the [status] and the [indid] columns is demonstrated in the image below. The location of the two pinned columns will remain fixed even when scrolling to the right to view additional grid columns.

Figure 111:  Scrolling through the grid after the [status] and [indid] columns are pinned.

You can unpin each column by pressing the pin icon at the column header. You can also unpin all columns by pressing the icon .

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