Results Window

Group By Box

Grids displayed in the results window can be grouped by values of one or more columns. To demonstrate the Group By feature consider the results presented in the following grid.

Figure 102:  Data grid display in the results window.

To invoke the Group By feature you must first click the Group By Box icon . Next, a header will appear above the data grid asking you to drag and drop the columns that will be used to group all row entries.

Figure 103:  The results window when the Group By feature is activated.

In this example, assume that we wish to group the results by the values of the [id] column, and then by the values of the [status] column. To do so, we must first drag and drop the [id] column header and drop it on the "Drag a column header here" statement.

Figure 104:  Dragging and dropping the [id] column header.

The outcome of the drag and drop is the grouping of the grid based on the values in the [id] column, as shown below. Note that for each group, the value of the [id] column is displayed at the top of the group.

Figure 105:  Grouping the grid entries by the values of the [id] column.

If you wish to group the results by values of other columns then the same drag and drop operation should be repeated. You can drag additional column headers and drop them on the right hand side of the [id] column to ensure that results are first grouped by the [id] column and then by the additional columns selected.

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