SQL Help and Language Reference

How to Use SQL Help and Online Language Reference

Combine allows you to easily obtain SQL and T-SQL help directly from Microsoft’s Books Online website. Two help modes are supported, namely General SQL Help and Context Sensitive SQL Help, which are now described below:

General SQL Help - When you press ALT+F1 (or go to Help → SQL and T-SQL Help), a new default browser window will open and display the main Transact SQL Reference web page. You can then browse and find additional SQL and T-SQL online help by navigating the Books Online (BOL). If you are looking for help regarding specific SQL or T-SQL commands, this can be accomplished easily by using context sensitive help as described below.

Context Sensitive SQL Help - To use the context sensitive SQL help, you must first open a SQL editor window. In the window, enter (or find) the desired SQL command, select and highlight it, and then press ALT+F1 (or go to Help → SQL and T-SQL Help). By doing so, Combine will search this SQL command for MSDN site using "Bing System" and a new default browser window will open with first search result.
For example, please refer to the images below: By selecting the DBCC SHOWCONTIG string and pressing ALT+F1, Combine will open a new Internet Explorer window with help for the requested T-SQL command.


1. If the requested command cannot be found, after you press ALT+F1 you will be redirected to the main MSDN search page.

Figure 128:  Using the context sensitive SQL and T-SQL help and language reference.

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