Scheduled Packages and Deployments

Enable and Disable Scheduled Packages and Tasks

You can enable or disable the execution of scheduled packages by enabling or disabling the Windows Scheduled Task associated with the scheduled package. When using the Scheduled Packages tool, it is important to note that enabled tasks are ones that appear with the icon . Tasks that are disabled will appear with the icon .

In order to enable or disable scheduled packages, first start the Scheduled Packages tool by selecting Tools → Scheduled Packages from the main menu. Then, in the Scheduled Packages window, select the package or task you wish to enable or disable, right-click the scheduled package node and choose Windows Task Properties from the menu as shown in the image below.

Figure 102.27:  Viewing the Windows Scheduled Task.

Next, the Windows Scheduled Task dialog appears and shows the settings and properties of the selected task. In this window you can enable or disable the task by checking or unchecking the Enabled checkbox, respectively. The checkbox is shown in the figure below. After you check or uncheck the checkbox, press the OK button in the Windows Scheduled Task dialog to apply the settings.

Figure 102.28:  Enabling or disabling the Scheduled Task for a scheduled package.

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