Scheduled Packages and Deployments

Viewing the Windows Scheduled Task Settings for a Scheduled Package

Every scheduled package consists of a Windows Scheduled Task and a batch file (i.e., a file with the extension .bat). The batch file is called from the Scheduled Task according to the schedule specified in the Windows Scheduled Task settings. In turn, the batch file calls the CpaExec command line utility that executes the one or more code packages as scheduled by the user.

Users can view the properties and settings of the Windows Scheduled Task associated with the scheduled package by invoking the Scheduled Packages tool. To do so, select Tools → Scheduled Packages from the main menu to view all scheduled packages. Then, select the desired scheduled package, right-click it, and select Windows Task Properties from the right-click menu. If you make changes to the Windows Scheduled Task, Combine will pick up those changes and display the updated settings in the Scheduled Packages window.

Figure 102.26:  Viewing the Windows Scheduled Task for a scheduled package.

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