Source Code Control

Binding Packages to Source Control Control

After a project package is created, in order to add the package and project scripts to source code control (SCC), you must first bind the package to a project (or folder) in source control. This configuration settings informs Combine of the SCC project (or folder) where the package and scripts will be stored. For detailed information regarding SCC features, please refer to the source code control documentation on the JNetDirect web site.

In order to set the binding information, you can either right-click the package node in the Package Explorer and select the Check In option from the right-click menu or the main toolbar. Alternatively, you can select the root node of the package and go to File → Source Control → Change Source Control to bring up the Change Source Control Binding dialog in Fig. 102C.

The package information appears in the dialog under Package Information. To bind the package to source control, click the Browse (i.e., "...") button under Source Control Binding and select the project (or folder) in your source control system where the package and scripts will be stored. Press OK in the dialog when you are done. Once the package is bound, the package and script files can be checked in, checked out, compared, or overwritten (by using the Get Latest option) from the source control system.

Figure 102C:  Binding the package to a project in source control.

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