Source Code Control

Folder Mapping

In order to work with individual (non-package related) scripts in the editor, you must first select your source code control (SCC) provider and then set the Folder Mapping option. With some SCC providers (e.g., Perforce, ClearCase), the Folder Mapping settings are also required in order to work with project packages. For detailed information regarding SCC features, please refer to the source code control documentation on the JNetDirect web site.

Folder Mapping allows you to set a work area on your local computer and map it to a project (or folder) in the SCC provider. Files can be checked in to source control if they reside under the work area in your local file system. Similarly, files checked out from source control are placed in the appropriate location in your folder-mapped work area.

Example: Assume that Folder Mapping maps between the local folder "c:\MyWorkspace" and the project (or folder) "$/Root/SoftwareProjects/" in source control. When the SQL file "c:\MyWorkspace\MyProjects\Project1\File1.sql" is checked in, it will be placed under the project "$/Root/SoftwareProjects/MyProjects/Project1/" with the name "File1.sql".

Folder Mapping can be set through the Options dialog: Go to Tools → Options → Source Control → Folder Mapping. Click the Browse (i.e., "...") button under the Local Folder and select the root folder of your local work area. Then, select the Browse button under Source Control and select the project (or folder) in the SCC provider that will be mapped to the local work area. Press OK to close the Options dialog when you are done.

Figure 102B:  Setting the Folder Mapping option.

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