Source Code Control

Introduction to Source Code Control in Combine

Combine supports a wide range of source code control system, including Virtual Source Safe (VSS), IBM Rational ClearCase, Perforce, Serena ChangeMan Version Manager (also known as Merant PVCS), Vault, SubVersion, and others. User guides and documentation are available for each supported system on the JNetDirect web site.

Source code control (SCC) features can be used in Combine when working on project package scripts, or when working with individual (non-package related) files in the SQL editor. In order to work with individual (non-package) scripts and files under source control, you must first select your source control provider and set the Folder Mapping option. To work with source controlled packages and package scripts, you must also bind the package to a project (or folder) in your source control system. These configuration settings are explained in detail in separate documents that are available on the JNetDirect web site.

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