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Combine 6.4

New Features and Enhancements

The main feature of JNetDirect Combine 6.4 is an improved Change History database. Please see the detailed list of changes below.

1. Compression for big fields in the Change History database.

Fields “CombinePackageStream” and “CombineResultsStream” may be very big for huge deployments. To prevent space exhausting in the Change History database a compression option has been introduced. When this option is turned ON then the listed above “CombinePackageStream” and “CombineResultsStream” fields are stored in a ZIP-compressed form. The compression/decompression is performed transparently inside Combine.

2. Filling the Change History database in real time.

Change History database filling algorithms have been updated to write execution information in real time. When each script starts execution on a database, a line about this is inserted to the Change History database. When the script finishes execution the line is updated with with execution results. This feature allows script execution tracking by 3rd party applications which may see a package execution progress in the Change History database.

3. Ability to uncheck scripts and folders in a package during the package deployment.

When the package deployment has been started it is possible to uncheck scripts if the scripts haven’t been started on any container yet. When a script is executed (or even has been executed) against at least one container then the script is ‘locked’ and its unselection is not possible anymore.

If during the package deployment a script was unchecked by mistake — it is possible to check it back if subsequent scripts have not been started on any container yet.

4. Automatic script restart on deadlock errors.

If a deadlock error is detected by SQL Server, Combine may automatically restart the failed script without user interaction. Please refer The Deadlock Errors section for more details.

5. Other Improvements

Added a confirmation dialog on a package deployment cancelling.

Added a confirmation dialog on a single script execution cancelling.

Added a confirmation dialog on Combine close when a package deployment is in progress.

Fixed all error messages to show an initial reason for the error.

Bug Fixes

  • Combine is unresponsive during result saving.

  • “Use parent connection properties” value is not persisted if CombineRepository is used to store environment.

  • Impossible to set parameters for a scheduled task.

  • Combine ignores authentication type changes when creating a repository.

  • Fixed file reading if default file encoding is set to ‘Unicode’.

  • Fixed bugs in the Change History database scripts for international locales.

  • Broken UI if ChangeHistory window resized during package execution.

  • Fixed a bug in a single script execution after cancellation.

  • Fixed index file in the Combine help file.

  • Occasional errors on Combine exit when a package was executing and has been cancelled on exit.

  • Fixed errors in the Autosave feature when multiple instances of Combine is running.

  • Fixed a bug with ‘recovery’ option in ‘cpaexec’ utility.