DirecTV™ Case Study

DIRECTV is the number one digital satellite entertainment service in the U.S. DIRECTV offers access to more than 225 channels in digital-quality picture and sound.
DirecTV™ Partners with JNetDirect
JNetDirect Drivers provide certified performance for the rigid demands of DIRECTV’s web-based document management system.
DIRECTV has been using NetDirect products for the past three years. During that time, the functionality has been extremely robust and the performance very stable. One of our web-based initiatives involved an extensive document management system, which stored and retrieved disparate types of media via our Intranet from a centralized database.
NetDirect products played an important role in providing JDBC connectivity between the front end GUI and the backend servers. That particular project won an award in CIO Magazine’s 50/50 Best Intranet Sites (1999).
“JNetDirect’s staff has always been there to help with technical issues long after the sale.”
Edward Rickter
Chief Architect, Internet Technology, DIRECTV
“Another very important issue for DIRECTV is the service behind the NetDirect products. JNetDirect’s staff has always been there to help with technical issues – long after the sale,” says Edward Rickter, DIRECTV’s Chief Architect, Internet Technology. “In fact, I’ve been dealing with the same sales and technical contacts at NetDirect for the past three years. In this day and age, performance and technology are nice, but they take a back seat to service, reliability and ROI. NetDirect has exceeded our expectations on all fronts.”