Offering the best JDBC driver for over 10 years

For more than 10 years, expert developers have embedded JSQLConnect in thousands of applications around the world, and during that time JSQLConnect has become the trusted connection to provide fast, secure, scalable and reliable connectivity to Microsoft SQL Server™

JSQLConnect's Features Include:

JNetDirect’s support team is one of our greatest assets. Receive one-on-one support, quickly and gain access to an extensive knowledge base of problem solving.
Full Kerberos authentication support and NTLM authentication with SSL enabled. Secure connections are supported for local, cloud or hybrid SQL Server environments.
Scalable and Affordable
Whether your application is for a small internal application or part of a larger OEM project, the JNetDirect team will work closely with you during the testing period to offer the best license available.
Speed and Performance
JSQLConnect’s Bulk Loading Feature is 1.5 times faster than our nearest competitor and requires no code changes. With a small footprint and reduced CPU usage, maximize your data moving capabilities – especially with large data volumes.
From a new application project to numerous applications that have been running for more than 10 years with unlimited connections at thousands of locations, JSQLConnect is the trusted component to ensure reliable connectivity with maximum performance.
JSQLConnect is designed to be backwards and forward compatible. Staying current with the latest release of SQL Server while supporting previous versions, spend less time trouble shooting version issues. Different from “free” drivers which may force untimely or unplanned upgrades.

Current Version: 8.5

Now with the release of JSQLConnect Version 8, JNetDirect continues to outperform other providers while exceeding the latest industry standards.
New in version 8.5:
  • Added support for cached ResultSet. If maxResultSetMemorySize and resultSetFileDir are set, then the ResultSet exceeding the limit will be stored in TEMP system folder on the hard drive.
  • Added new version of JSQLConnect.jar for JDBC 4.0 with Zulu OpenJDK 6.
  • Added named parameters for calling stored procedures.
  • Added setting named parameters to a CallableStatement in a random order.
  • FIX: Bug with rounding nanoseconds for DATETIME2.
  • FIX: Bug in PreparedStatement.getParameterMetaData().
  • FIX: Bug with stored procedure output params.
  • FIX: The "connect" method returns "null" if the driver realizes it is the wrong kind of driver to connect to the given URL.
  • FIX: Now it is possible to pass some parameters as Unicode. If the type is set explicitly, it overrides asciiStringParameters for this parameter only.

JSQLConnect Business License Pricing

No Support or Upgrade Programs
DirectPath™ Support and Maintenance Program
Major Version Upgrade Program
DirectPath™ Support and Maintenance Program
Major Version Upgrade Program

Upgrades and Support

DirectPath™ Maintenance
And Support
  • Free minor release upgrade
  • Direct access to dedicated support engineers
  • Response within 1 business day
  • 24 hour email response desk
  • Annual subscription basis
Major Version
Upgrade Protection
  • Immediate access to major release upgrades at no additional cost
  • Annual subscription basis
  • Available only at the time of product purchase