Multiple scripts to Unlimited Servers with One Click

Speed Up Deployment with New Async Mode

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Automate Daily
Admin Tasks
With Combine you can:
  • Deploy objects, schema, jobs, users, logins, and custom scripts on all your servers in one click
  • Synchronize all passwords with one-click
  • Monitor databases, SQL jobs & backup status across the enterprise
  • Restart SQL services on all servers & instances on the network
Deploy custom admin projects, execute scripts, and run distributed queries on all databases and server in one click.
Scale Out Without
Losing Data
With Combine you can:
  • Get performance metrics from all SQL servers & instances
  • Schedule data collection tasks
  • Send email notifications to track data collection tasks
Automatic data collection, aggregation, and auto-storage to one or more output databases.

  • Industry-leading intellisense and SQL code editing options
  • Support for ALL versions of SQL Server
Automate Projects
& Deployments
With Combine you can:
  • Move projects between Dev, QA and Production with one-click deployment to all databases and servers
  • Save detailed deployment results and audit trails
  • Command line deployment for application automation or automated builds
  • Automated deployment notification
In one click: Deploy changes to all Databases & servers in each environment.

Current Version: 6.5

With every release of Combine, we are excited to continue our leadership in new flexible features to improve your change management tasks.
New in version 6.5:
  • Support for resumable deployments
  • Azure Active Directory Password Authentication
Other recent features:
  • Compression for big fields in the Change History database
  • Filling the Change History database in real time
  • Ability to uncheck scripts and folders in a package during the package deployment
  • Automatic script restart on deadlock errors

Combine Per User Pricing

No Support or Upgrade Programs
DirectPath™ Support and Maintenance Program
Major Version Upgrade Program
DirectPath™ Support and Maintenance Program
Major Version Upgrade Program

Upgrades and Support

DirectPath™ Maintenance
And Support
  • Free minor release upgrade
  • Direct access to dedicated support engineers
  • Response within 1 business day
  • 24 hour email response desk
  • Annual subscription basis
Major Version
Upgrade Protection
  • Immediate access to major release upgrades at no additional cost
  • Annual subscription basis
  • Available only at the time of product purchase