Microstrategy™ Case Study

MicroStrategy is creating a new generation of one-to-one e-business applications. MicroStrategy’s software helps companies use technology and personal preferences to build personalized relationships with their customers. MicroStrategy delivers these solutions via web, wireless, and voice.
MicroStrategy Transactor™ Partners with JNetDirect
MicroStrategy Transactor enables the fast development of “response-based” transactions – allowing customers to make immediate transactions in response to e-mail pitches, wireless alerts or even automated telephone calls. For example, MicroStrategy Transactor can enable an investment company’s customer to make a stock trade by pushing a button on their wireless phone keypad after receiving a wireless stock alert.
“JNetDirect’s products provide the reliability and performance we need to process millions of transactions in a stable manner.”
Brian Brinkmann
Transactor Product Manager, Microstrategy
MicroStrategy Transactor was launched in June 2000 and is designed as a key component of MicroStrategy’s Intelligent E-Business platform. MicroStrategy Transactor allows individuals receiving personalized information via web, wireless or voice to respond to that information using the same medium by which the message was conveyed.
MicroStrategy Transactor allows for the further automation of MicroStrategy’s powerful business intelligence and customer relationship management offerings, meaning that people can effectively “talk” to a database, whether that is through email, wireless device, or literally by talking over the phone. Using a 100% Java-based server architecture, MicroStrategy Transactor scales to meet stringent business demands and offers multi-platform support. JNetDirect JDBC is a key component for database transaction processing in MicroStrategy Transactor, allowing users to query and update alerts in real time.
“JNetDirect’s products provide the reliability and performance we need to process millions of transactions in a stable manner,” said Brian Brinkmann, Transactor Product Manager. “These products provide the component quality we demand for our products.
“MicroStrategy initially performed a make vs. buy analysis for Java database access and concluded that a third party JDBC solution would be the best fit for our product,” said Terry Berman, Senior Program Manager for Transactor. “We choose JNetDirect solutions because they provide the best feature set and performance for our database transaction layer.”
With MicroStrategy Transactor, MicroStrategy has leveraged the extensive benefits of the Java technology platform for developing e-commerce transactional systems. In turn, JNetDirect is proud to be the vendor Microstrategy selected for critical database access for MicroStrategy Transactor.