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Combine 5.0

New Features and Enhancements

JNetDirect Combine 5.0 is a large release aimed to support new SQL Server 2012, code named Denali. A number of introduced opportunities considerably improved usability of the application. A detailed list of changes is given below.

1. SQL Server 2012(Denali)

Examine new SQL Server 2012 together with Combine 5.0!

2. Code Snippets and Templates

Combine 5.0 contains many new built-in SQL and T-SQL code templates (also known as snippets) that cover features of SQL Server 2012.

3. Help

All wizards are provided with help buttons with corresponding articles. Some new functional was introduced which made the document search and help by Transact SQL easier. Now you only have to choose the necessary instruction in the script and press ALT+F1 for Combine to find the necessary article that you were looking for on MSDN website.

4. Online activation

We introduced an on-line activation server. Now there is no need for you to address the helpdesk to activate the license! On-line activation works only with licenses issued after this release.

5. Installation mechanism

You already have Combine and a new version has been released? You don’t need to remove the previous version. The installer will perfectly cope with it itself! All the necessary components install automatically.

6. Components of server management

Now you don’t have to try to manage SQL server services to find out that you don’t have the access to them. Combine defines itself whether you can start/stop services, depending on that it turns management components on or off.

7. User Account Control and Services Management

Service Management is improved on systems with UAC. Combine will itself ask you to give the permission in case of need.

8. Toolbar Drag’n’Drop

Enlarge the working area of Combine using drag’n’drop for toolbar components. And to return the panels you only have to click on Tools->Dock Toolbars.

9. Viewing the content of the collapsed paragraph

Once an outlined paragraph is collapsed in the text editor, you can still view the content of the paragraph by using the mouse and hovering over the collapsed area.

10. Customizing the GUI

Docking windows has been implemented. Docking refers to an action of placing a window in a dock. Undocking means that a docked window will be moved to the main editor part.
Auto hiding windows has been updated – you can hide any window. Previously it worked only for a group of windows.

11. Mistakes correction

  • Licenses check

  • Panels disappearance

  • Comments and apostrophes processing

  • Line numbers with errors in scripts